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A Quick Comparison of Hybrid Connections and Hybrid Connections Relay

2 min read

Azure moves fast. A new version of Hybrid Connections was announced on November 1st and I'm just catching up with it now. 

This version does not depend upon BizTalk and does not replace the previous version of Hybrid Connections.  Let's call this version Hybrid Connections Relay to avoid confusion with the old version.  

Differences between Hybrid Connections and Hybrid Connections Relay:

  • Hybrid Connections (current version)
  • Hybrid Connections Relay (new version)
    • Only available in the new Azure portal (
    • Does not use BizTalk on the Azure side
    • Built on HTTPS and Websockets. The protocol is open and fully documented
    • No client-side "connections manager" required - use the API with an Azure relay namespace
    • Supports SAS keys
    • Support for multiple code bases and platforms (a node sample is also available)
    • Can be used in a production environment for simple point-to-point connectivity. People adopting Hybrid Connections Relay should follow well-known best practices for working with web sockets (e.g. periodic pinging and aggressive reconnecting as necessary).