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If you are running on the Azure Functions 2.0 preview and don't want your app to break, you need to follow the instructions here:


Here is the English translation of the German RSS article:
The article is worth reading if you have an interest in RSS or web standards in general.


Infrastructure management should be integrated into the continuous delivery pipeline so that infrastructure stacks are updated together with any code changes


Web App for Containers is catered towards developers who want to have more control over what is installed in their containers. Lift & shift to PaaS instead of IaaS.


The AsyncAPI Specification is a project used to describe and document Asynchronous APIs.


GitHub preferred selling the company to going public and chose Microsoft


Security vulnerability in Git: potential code execution when user operates in a malicious repository.


joy. (Official Music Video)

Earworm of the day


ensures your posts aren't closed off from the rest of the web by (formerly) open silo providers like Medium.


Perhaps I'm being overly paranoid but uninstalling now seems like very bad advice.



Earworm of the day

1 min read

This song makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.


This is an amazing time to be a developer. The possibilities are endless.


Thanks to @davewiner for calling this out. If you're not outraged by apps breaking the web then you're not paying attention.


One of the most exciting announcements from Build this week. I think of this as "Kafka as a Service" (no setup!)


Unblocking port 80

1 min read

Something was using port80 but we were unable determine what it was.  netstat told us port 80 was in use but was "unable to open process" to tell us what was using it.

Running NET stop HTTP helped uncover the culprit: BranchCache service. Killing this service and preventing it from running allowed us to use port 80 again. 


Learn more about replies here.


Reposting link because Twitter apparently doesn't know how to properly format an style response.


Replied to a post on :

Excellent post. Event-driven designs are far more scalable and loosely coupled than traditional approaches.


Uplifting tune with beautiful lyrics.


Cloud Events will make multi-cloud solutions much easier. Azure is first cloud provider to support the standard.


Omnibear seems like a great idea except I can't get it to work with my blog. :(


If you're trusting Facebook for your news you've already lost. Facebook has zero credibility to rank anything, especially news.


Getting old sucks but it beats the hell out of the alternative.


Absolutely stunning. Thanks for creating such magical music @PSB_HQ.


Leslie Lamport updated his TLA+ Course.


IndieWeb Collection

Useful reference to indieweb matters


Testing out Indigenous. Indigenous is a native app for Android that supports working with your website via Micropub and Microsub.
Not sure how tagging was implemented (perhaps via microformats?) . The tag showed up in my post but couldn't be located by my site's search engine. I had to manually tag this post after the fact to get it recognized by my site's search engine.


No: Was looking forward to attending but sometimes life gets in the way. Have a great summit!


Nice post comparing deployment experiences on Azure and Google Cloud


Exciting times. Service Fabric is going open source and will have an open dev process on GitHub.


Azure Sphere will help secure the future of IOT. This paper explains seven properties for highly secure devices


Good to see this happen. Nice concise comparison of HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2 too.


You have no freedom of speech on someone else's platform. If this is a concern you should learn how to POSSE.


Cryptocurrencies are centrally controlled by miners who can rewrite history at will.


"Serverless makes EDA and microservices a necessity." It's about damn time.


Sometimes I think JavaScript syntax is a form of steganography. I know there's business logic in there somewhere but it's hard to find.


Interesting. "asynchronous delivery eliminates the need for costly DOM and style queries, continuous polling, and use of custom plugins"


"The web is a social agreement not to break things. It's served us for 25 years. I don't want to give it up because a bunch of nerds at Google think they know best."