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Unblocking port 80

1 min read

Something was using port80 but we were unable determine what it was.  netstat told us port 80 was in use but was "unable to open process" to tell us what was using it.

Running NET stop HTTP helped uncover the culprit: BranchCache service. Killing this service and preventing it from running allowed us to use port 80 again. 


Windows Information Protection won't let me use my own files

1 min read

Recently I ran into some major issues and had to go back to a previously installed version of Windows.  Everything seemed to go smoothly until I realized all of my files were locked down by Windows Information Protection (WIP) - previously known as Enterprise Data Protection.  

I tried several things and nothing seemed to work.   Finally I tried this and it worked like a charm.  If you're facing this issue I hope this post helps you.

  1. Open a command prompt as an admin (hit Start button, type cmd, right-click on the cmd icon and click Run as Administrator)
  2. A command prompt will open. Move to folder with your locked files and paste in the following command:

cmd.exe /c takeown /f *.* && icacls *.* /grant administrators:F


RefreshBannedAppsList error in Windows 10 (Insider Preview)

1 min read

Note: This post is my personal opinion on how I've chosen to address this issue.  Just because I've done this doesn't mean you should.  Your mileage may vary, <insert your favorite standard disclaimers here>...

If you're on the Insider Previews for Windows 10 you probably recently received an update. Upon booting up you also may see the following error pop up:

There is a scheduled task that you can (temporarily) disable to get rid of this error.  

Here's how:

  1. Open up Task Scheduler from Control Panel

  2. Open the Task Scheduler Library tree and move to Microsoft/Windows/WS

  3. Right click on the task WSRefreshBannedAppsListTask and click Disable

You may want to re-enable this task in the future.





Resetting the HTC when it locks up

1 min read

Having a phone with a non-removable battery can be a pain - especially when if your phone is completely locked up.  If you have an HTC you can recover by holding down the power and volume up button for 10 seconds. The phone will reboot and you won't lose anything - except your time of course.

Sometimes I really miss having an old-fashioned flip phone.



How to disable Office Web Apps in favor of "native" Office applications

2 min read

Office Web Apps provide a great user experience directly in the browser without having to install Office.  Office Web Apps enables you to access and update your documents from practically anywhere using any standard web browser.  While the user experience is quite good I've always preferred using the "native" Office applications instead of Office Web Apps.  I guess that makes me old and set in my ways.  So be it - I'd rather be more productive.

Today I finally figured out how to disable Office Web Apps for a SharePoint site I've been maintaining for the team.  If you'd prefer to use the "native" Office applications instead of Office Web Apps for your site follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Site Settings (under the gear in the upper right corner of the page)
  2. Look under the Site Collection Administration section for a link named Site collection features and click it.  It's in the lower right section of the page.
  3. Look for a setting titled Open Documents in Client Applications by Default and click the Activate button. 

Once you've done this you're all set - documents on your site should now download and be opened in their "native" Office applications instead of Office Web Apps.

 Now you know.


A Meeting Haiku

1 min read

From the ever eloquent @Sir_Nussbaum:

six in a meeting
five are playing with their phones
the presenter weeps





Win10: Fix error -1073741819

1 min read

I upgraded my daughter's aging Dell tower PC to Windows 10 and experienced a few issues:

  • UAC had been re-enabled and I couldn't turn it off despite being an admin
  • I was getting the message "file system error (-1073741819)" when I tried to run several applications (including system apps like RegEdit)

Here's how I fixed it - I hope this works for you if you're having this issue:

  • Go to your sound settings (Control Panel...Sound)
  • Click the Sounds tab
  • Set Sound Scheme dropdown to "No Sounds" and hit apply

This cleared the "file system error (-1073741819)" messages.  I rebooted and set the scheme back to her old settings and everything seems to be working normally now.

Very strange - I haven't seen this occur on any other machines I moved to Windows 10.  



Link to a Specific PowerPoint Slide in Office Web Apps

1 min read

5/2016 Update: This no longer works with PowerPoint Online.  :(

Parking this here since I know I'll forget how to do it in the future.

To deep link into O365 PPT decks. Add '&wdSlideIndex=<slide-number>' to the end of the URL pointing to your deck.