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Reposting link because Twitter apparently doesn't know how to properly format an style response.


Omnibear seems like a great idea except I can't get it to work with my blog. :(


IndieWeb Collection

Useful reference to indieweb matters


Testing out Indigenous. Indigenous is a native app for Android that supports working with your website via Micropub and Microsub.
Not sure how tagging was implemented (perhaps via microformats?) . The tag showed up in my post but couldn't be located by my site's search engine. I had to manually tag this post after the fact to get it recognized by my site's search engine.


You have no freedom of speech on someone else's platform. If this is a concern you should learn how to POSSE.


Test post using Quill (


Some of us are already doing this. Check out the movement.


I didn't realize Webmentions were a W3C draft. Nice to see on the standards track.


Learning more about Quill

1 min read

Apparently I was mistaken.  Quill has a full-featured editor that enables me to post rich content such as links, pictures and more.   The more I learn about the IndiWeb movement the more I like it.

The photo below has nothing to do with Quill, micropub or IndieWeb. I just love the Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curly and Iggy of course).