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John Evdemon

Thursday, January 13, 2022

4 min read

Outlook Crashing On Startup? Check Your Rules!

computer-crash-go.jpgI haven't been able to run Outlook for several months and have been limping along using the painfully awkward web interface to manage my schedule and email.  Today I finally fixed this issue and can run Outlook again. I thought I'd document my issue here in case anyone else is having this problem. Our internal Help Desk was unable to fix this issue and finally gave up on trying to fix it. 

Here is the issue I was having: I'd fire up Outlook and all seemed ok but after a minute or two  then Outlook would just stop working and crash. No error message, nothing. Just crash. I initially thought it may have been an Outlook profile issue so I deleted and re-created my profile. Nope, problem still happening. Then I thought it might be an issue with the volume of email in my Outlook ost so I cleaned it up. Nope. problem still happening. Then I started thinking about what Outlook might be doing when it first starts up - it initially started up fine but would always crash after a minute or two. This is when I realized it had to the rules. I have a ton of Outlook rules and one of more of them were likely causing Outlook itself to crash.  Since I couldn't change the rules within Outlook (it kept crashing) I had to use the painfully awkward web interface again.  Clicking on the gear in the top right of the screen enabled me to get access to Outlook settings and my rules.

Upon reviewing my rules I noticed several of them were referencing a strange GUID value that I didn't recognize. I deleted those rules and restarted Outlook. Problem solved! I never thought I'd be so happy to be able to use Outlook again.

Hope this helps someone out there someday.

You Only Need Three Outlook Mail Sorting Rules

71aYQI5JwBL._AC_SL1500_.jpgSpeaking of Outlook rules, I used to have a ton of them and wasted far too much time setting up a complex series of folders and rules to determine which emails should go into which folders. Now I just have three rules and four Outlook folders. My folders look like this:

My three email rules look like this:



If I'm CC'd on an email there's no real hurry to get to it. I'll read it later.  All meeting invites and related activity lands in the meeting folder. External email from outside my company is usually lower priority so I'll eventually get to it.

I find this to be a much easier way to manage my email. How do you do it?

Fixing a Broken Known Config

11600-4654-SadMac-l.jpgToday seems to be the day for computer issues. I decided to start blogging again and wouldn't you know it - my blog stopped working today.   My blog is based upon Known, a wonderful open source blogging tool with great support for IndieWeb. Anyway, anytime I tried to create a post I received the following error:
   Something went wrong.  Class 'Ramsey\Uuid\Uuid' not found

Well that didn't seem good and I hadn't changed anything so I wasn't sure what happened. I finally decided to simply try re-installing Known and this fixed the issue. Here's what I did: 

  1. backed up my Known folder
  2. removed everything except for the config and upload folders
  3. cloned a new copy of Known from github and copied all the folders except config and upload over to my Known folder
  4. ran composer install in my Known folder to get all the dependencies set back up

I hope this helps anyone else who may be using Known.

A Quick News Roundup Before Bed

The US still appears to be a free country despite pure president's apparent attempts to change it.

A film of how the brain stores memories.

Alex Leifson, guitarist from Rush, has a new band and the sound is totally unexpected.

Incredible photo of the ISS over the Egyptian Nile Delta

Some car manufacturers continue to insist that you don't actually own the car you purchased

Another reason you should be listening to Joe Rogan's excellent podcast